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Frankie Knuckles YOUR LOVE Will Live On


 Ill never forget the first time I heard this track, it was 1987. I had made my way all the way to Glasgow to go to this small shop called Dr. Jives. They sold clothes but had decks in the back of the shop. I was in there looking at clothes when I heard "For your love" for the first time. I had to ask what this was... the shop owner as Id come to find out was called Gordan Wagstaff, Gordon told me all about this new scene coming out of Chicago in America. He gave me a mix tape and told me to  "listen to this".

I ran home like Charlie from Willie Wonka with his chocolate bar. After popping the tape into the player I remember thinking I had never heard anything like this. The music opened my eyes and my heart to realized there were amazing things going on out there in the world. I played that tape over and over until it burst, later playing doctor trying to frankentape it all back together (as we did in those days). I continued to go back to Gordon for years as he was able to get more mix tapes from Chicago. 

Frankie Knuckles' music took me on a journey that eventually brought me to NYC and is such a part of who I am today and who we are at Nuprimary. 

Frankie was an American DJ, record producer and remixer. He was born in the Bronx NYC and later moved to Chicago, where was dubbed the Godfather of House Music for his important role in developing and popularizing house music in the 80's.

Frankie Knuckles passed away yesterday, March 31 2014 but his music, memory, energy and LOVE will live on forever...



 We love making use of the Gowanus Print Lab when we can. It's an amazing resource just down the block from our studio in Brooklyn. 

"The Gowanus Print Lab is a community screen printing studio in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn. Established in October 2010.Their aim is to create a nurturing artist community by providing affordable access to workspace and tools, education through screen printing and design classes, and providing exhibition space for emerging artists."

GPL has a great video which walks you through their begingins and evolution as well as explains the process behind the work we are doing in the photos above.

Gowanus Print Lab from Crown Street Productions on Vimeo.

"Getting your hands dirty" is at the very heart of what we do and what we love so much about the GPL! We dig their mission and the community they help to build within our city.


Check out more on the Gowanus Print Lab by visiting their website at:


Stylesight feature! Premiere Vision INDIGO SS'15 Paris 


south africa inspires, Protea wines


We are so pleased to have worked on the design of these gorgeous bottles for Protea Wines. It was a fantastic journey to South Africa for our Creative Director Craig as he worked with one of his greatest friends and mentors, Mr. Mark Eisen on the creation and branding of these one of a kind heat seal printed bottles. Craigs adventure even brought him shark diving with great whites off the coast of Gansbaai. 

 "The inspiration for the brand is the protea (PROH-tee-uh). Haven’t heard of it? It’s a rare flower of dizzying diversity, each blossom somehow a little more exotic and special than the last one. Kind of like protea wines – and the beautiful, designer-inspired protea bottles. After enjoying the remarkable South African wine you’ll be sure to find ways for the protea bottles to stick around in other guises. - See more at:

 We LOVE that Tina Fey is a fan as well!!




We are very excited to have had a hand in the Prabal Gurung for ICB Pre Fall'14 collection. Gurung offered a striking play on our black-and-white stripe "Op Art" artwork. See below his chic rendition of this LES girl with a city street chic vibe.

All images copyright ICB.


Check out the links below to see the full collection on and the ICB website..

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