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Soo Sunny's "Unwoven Light"

Soo Sunny Park: Unwoven Light from Walley Films on Vimeo.

This iridescent environment was created by Soo Sunny with plexiglass held in place with wire chain link similar to grid of woven fibers on a loom. It moves in shimmering waves of light and reflection, and changes depending on the time of the day. A video of her installing "Unwoven Light" is above.


Jan Albers Artist Spotlilght


Using unconventional industrial materials such as piping, wire, packing materials, leather and spray paint, Jan Albers creates sculptural three dimensional paintings with contrasting organic and geometric forms. "Even if the attitude is that painting is over, I still keep on working on the idea of doing something new, by avoiding oil paint on canvas." says the artist.  

Works evoke industrialized city landscapes with grids of shiny silver laser cut rectangles or found materials such as bike frames and pipes. We love the play of materials and tension in these works, check out his recent show here:


Maki Ohkojima paintings inspire.

We are so inspired by these amazing paintings by Japanese artist Maki Ohkojima. The mesmorising detail in her work is beautiful.  Maki creates these stunning murals which extend from her paintings, saying that "it's like when you take a picture of some beautiful scenery but inevitably the image created only captures one part of the real magnificence of the scene".  We love the staggering amount of detail she puts into these complex works, creating fantasy lanscapes filled with trees, flowers, plants, animals, birds and fish.  The hypnotic quality of her work takes your eye on a journey throughout her work.  Check out the full range of her work on her website



West Coast LOVE

Lots and Lots of WEST COAST LOVE. This was our second trip out this year. We love working with West Coast brands. Our appointments took us to LA, San Fran and Seattle. We'll be planning our next trip out west in the coming weeks ahead. Please dont hesitate to reach out should you be interested in an appointment @


Love Is The Drug

While on the west coast for print appointments last month we had the pleasure of spending a random night in LA with friends at the Nokia center seeing Bryan Ferry, and guess what... He's still got it!! No surprise!! We love the 70's flavor of this jam right here... Love is indeed our drug of choice... Plus how could one go wrong with #blowingbubbles #flightattendantchic and an #eyepatch!?

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