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Bohemian Goddesses


Bohemian style — expressive, rebellious, and romantic — brings to mind a time of freedom, love, and creativity. Today we want to honor a few of our most beloved bohemian goddesses, whose free-spirited expression helped them through adversity. 

“Veruschka is the most beautiful woman in the world,” Richard Avedon said of the model and sixties icon. Born a countess, she reinvented herself after coming to New York after her father was killed and her family left refugees after WWII. Liberated by fashion she embodied a fierce independent spirit.

Marisa Berenson was dubbed “the it girl of the Seventies” by Yves Saint Laurent. Grandaughter of the designer Schiaparelli, her modeling career began early when her baptism was covered by Vogue. No stranger to tragedy in her own life she has been on a spiritual quest since the age of 12, at one point studying with the Beatles’ guru in India. A close friend of Warhol and also known as “Queen of the Scene” she embodied the eccentric original bohemian muse, Marchesa Casati. 

Casati wore live snakes as jewelry, and had nude male servants gilded in gold. She was quoted as saying “I want to be a living work of art.” Her love of her pet cheetahs inspired Cartier’s famed designs. Left an orphan in her teens she refused to conform to the aristocratic Italian society, and became one of the most eccentric, avant-garde and inspiring women of her century.

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